'The Flash' Season 4 is already confirmed and that it will bring in new villains to challenge Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The first episode, titled 'The Flash: Rebirth', suggests that Barry is back with new challenges to face.

The Flash is back

There are hints that Barry will be back in 'The Flash' Season 4. It can be recalled that he was trapped in an extra-dimensional energy when he sacrificed his life to save Iris West from Savitar. This time, it is up to team Flash on how to save Barry from this trap. It seems that there will be more challenging events for the team in the upcoming season in order to make The Flash return.

Reports have revealed the title of the premiere episode and it indicates that The Flash will return sooner in 'The Flash Season' 4. It won't be long until the team will be together once again in order to fight the forces of evil in the upcoming season. Fans can expect that it will be a whole new Barry once he is freed.

A new villain

In the meantime, there are also reports that a new villain will appear in 'The Flash' Season 4. It was already hinted that the new villain for the upcoming season will not be a speedster. In fact, it will be a whole new one. In the previous season, there was a mention of Devoe and that's none other than Clifford Devoe, the Thinker.

Devoe has appeared in the comics and is known to be a thinker, definitely not a speedster.

The name has been mentioned by Abra Kadabra when he was referring to the names of the villains that had greatly affected Barry's life. It seems that there will be more of Barry to face in the new season of the series. Devoe's character is an intellectual one and may make it hard for the Flash to figure out his next moves. However, there will always be a chance to win over even from the most evil of villains.

Release date of 'The Flash' Season 4

At this time, it already has been confirmed that the fourth season of 'The Flash' is coming. There will be new events to challenge Team Flash in think upcoming season. It already has been hinted that Barry Allen will come back and will be saved by his friends in order to fight the new villain confirmed to be Devoe.

It seems that a whole lot of challenges are to come and there will be new characters introduced in 'The Flash' Season 4. The original characters are still going to be around for the upcoming season. The series continues with Team Flash and it will be aired on October 10.