The Clooney's are having a little Italian getaway. Following the announcement of the arrival of their two bundles of joy last month, George and amal clooney took their newborn twins, Ella and Alexander, to Milan, Italy, on Wednesday, July 5.

The recent sighting came after the Clooney's welcomed their twins at St. Mary's Hospital in London on June 6. According to several reports, George and Amal Clooney were seen carrying matching bassinets while they were exiting a private jet in Milan. Some showbiz insiders even hinted that the Clooney's Italian getaway might be the couple's way to celebrate their babies' one month birthday.

How has fatherhood changed George Clooney's life?

Since the arrival of his children, george clooney seems to have taken fatherhood more seriously. According to George's good friend and business partner Randy Gerber, the life of Amal's husband changed from the moment he became a father to the twins. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, Gerber revealed how fatherhood brought an "incredible feeling" and happiness to George Clooney's life. He added that the twins are cute and are the perfect combination of the Clooney couple.

Gerber also explained that the decision for selling their Casamigos Tequila Company for $1 billion to alcoholic beverage company Diageo has nothing to do with George's new role as a father-of-two.

Gerber said it's quite understandable for a father to want to be around his children at all times. Furthermore, Gerber also praised Amal Clooney for being a natural when it comes to motherhood. Gerber, whose wife is supermodel Cindy Crawford, said Amal is an "amazing" mom.

More kids for the Clooneys?

Despite feeling thrilled over the arrival of their twins, Ella and Alexander, Hollywood's power couple George, 56, and 39-year-old Amal Clooney appeared to have ditched the idea of having more children in the future.

Reports said the couple has decided not to have more kids as they are already contented with their twins, not to mention George Clooney’s age.

Aside from the fact of experiencing parenthood late in life, the couple also has very busy work lives. George will be releasing his self-directed movie titled 'Suburbicon' in collaboration with Paramount Pictures on Nov.

3. Amal, on the other hand, is planning to make a work come back as a human rights barrister six months after the birth of the twins.

With their hectic career lives, George and Amal Clooney seemed to have made a good decision for not wanting to have more children in the future. Raising a family and having twins while juggling a career could be pretty exhausting and stressful, but who knows, the Clooney's might have a change of heart and expand their family again.

Marital vows renewal for George and Amal?

As the Clooney's family-of-four stepped into the limelight for the first time in Milan this week, some sources claimed that the couple is also planning to renew their marriage vows on their third wedding anniversary. Apart from the renewal of vows, the couple is also planning to host a welcome party for their newborn twins.