We have a few details about 'The Flash' Season 4 now that filming is back in Vancouver. Candice Patton recently talked about Iris' transformation and The CW revealed the synopsis for the first episode.

What to expect when the show returns

A recent report from TV Line revealed that the upcoming season opens with a time jump. Six months would have passed since Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sacrificed himself to save Central City from the unbalanced Speed Force in the Season 3 Finale. To recap, the speedster allowed himself to be trapped in the Speed Force as retribution for all the time meddling he did.

It is unclear though what happened during those months which he spent in the Speed Force. Perhaps Season 4 will slowly reveal his experiences up to his return to Earth 1.

What has happened to Central City during The Flash's absence?

Of course, Barry's friends do not take his disappearance lightly especially his fiancée Iris (Candice Patton). The actress revealed during an interview at the Saturn Awards that Iris is a different person when 'The Flash' Season 4 opens. Patton said fans will see a "hardened Iris."

"Starting off, Barry's in the Speed Force, we're without our team leader, and we will get to see a different version of Iris. She's a little harder; she's without the love of her life," Patton said in the video below.

Likewise, Patton revealed that Iris deals with Barry's disappearance in her own way. She also steps in as a leader for the team in the months that the scarlet speedster is away.

Is Barry back on Earth 1 Central City when Season 4 opens?

No, Barry is still in the Speed Force. Patton clearly confirmed this during her interview with TV Line and with With An Accent TV.

She revealed that the team is still without the scarlet speedster when the show returns. There are speculations though that Cisco might find a way to bring Barry back using his powers. However, this would require Wally West, aka Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), to once again travel to the Speed Force to retrieve Barry (much like how Barry and Cisco saved Wally in Season 3).

What happens in Episode 1

Barry is basically helpless while he is in the Speed Force. The synopsis for 'The Flash' Season 4 Episode 1 revealed that he would have to rely on his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs to bring him back home. Likewise, the summary teased that the speedster is not safe as there are unknown dangers lurking around in the Speed Force. What these dangers are remain to be seen when the show returns this fall.