"The Fosters" first began in June 2013. It was created by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg and is an American drama series. The series follows lesbian parents Stef and Lena as they raise their biological and adoptive children. "The Fosters" is all about diversity and has a multi-ethnic cast. The series is critically acclaimed for its approach to LGBTQ themes and has won two awards. Casting includes Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, David Lambert, Maia Mitchell, and Danny Nucci.

Callie finds herself in trouble again

The troubled teen played by Maia Mitchell finds herself in a very dangerous situation at the end of season 4.

Season 5 of "The Fosters" picks up exactly where it left off with Callie trapped in a hotel room with character Diamond and her pimp. Callie is trying to save Diamond from her current lifestyle and has found herself in trouble once again. From stalking suspects to falling in love with her step-brother and breaking and entering, Callie is the main trouble maker of the show.

One of her mothers, Stef, is a police officer and is on her way to rescue her daughter yet again. However, the end of last season saw Stef driving in the wrong direction as she is following Callie's phone signal. There has been no further information released following Callie's situation. However, the show does not shy away from the hard-hitting issues and has tackled such issues as rape, assault, LGBTQ and many more emotional story arcs.

The Fosters have grown up

"The Fosters" has stuck with the same cast and crew since its beginning in 2013. The sole exception is the replacement of actor Jake T. Austin with Noah Centineo. Season 5 will mark the fourth year of "The Fosters". Fans have seen the actors grow up on screen and the show has utilized this, focusing on the issues of teenagers growing up.

The characters began in school and some of them are due to be heading off to college.

Meanwhile characters Stef and Lena are getting used to dealing with an empty house. Season 5 will see Lena worrying about losing her job as her daughter continues her protest at the school. Anchor Beach is being turned into a private school and the students are rallying.

Alongside this Jesus' storyline of dealing with his brain injury will be expanded upon and Jude, who has now grown into a rebellious teenager will become more of a troublemaker like his older sister.

"The Fosters" is due to return next week on July 11 on freeform. Joining the cast are Nia Peeples and Cartermatt.