The latest episode of the final season of Orphan Black saw the biggest death in the season so far, reminding viewers that the conclusion to the series is truly approaching. The actress who plays the character of Mrs. S shares how she felt about her character’s death.

With just two episodes left before “Orphan Black” ends, the final season did well in bringing back old characters to play pivotal roles in the conclusion of the series. However, there were also a lot of deaths and nothing prepared fans for Siobhan Sadler’s unexpected death.

The tough woman, who has been the trusted foster mother of Sarah Manning and Felix Dawkins, met her untimely demise at the end of the recent episode.

The villainous Ferdinand Chevalier went after her when he learned that Rachel Duncan decided to help her expose neolution instead of letting him exploit and blackmail the board.

Siobhan’s death explained

In an interview with TV Line, actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, who portrays the role of Siobhan, also known as Mrs. S, sheds light on her character's quiet yet unexpected death. Of course, many fans were in denial of what just happened, but Kennedy sadly reassured them that Siobhan was really dead.

However, the actress pointed out that Siobhan’s death wasn’t in vain since she was still able to kill Ferdinand just before she took her last breath. Kennedy shared that her character’s death was conjured just before the production for “Orphan Black” season 5 began.

One of the creators, Graeme Manson, called her to talk about the plot they’re working on for the fifth and final season. Manson explained to her that they came up with her character’s death with Ferdinand’s eminent demise in their minds.

Kennedy agreed that this was a great twist to the story. They had to find a way to kill Ferdinand and her character getting entangled with it was an incredible turn of events.

The actress also revealed that her character’s sad ending was an emotional goodbye on the set. Kennedy shared that she lost it and cried along with the cast when they were doing the table reading of the script of the said episode.

Siobhan’s mystery life

Siobhan was most likely the biggest mystery in the series. Fans are quite disappointed that they’ll never know how Siobhan got to be the woman she was, someone who had a lot of connection and somehow still got to pay the bills and take trips around the world despite being jobless.

Kennedy confessed that even she didn’t know her character’s real background and she found it amusing that fans speculated that Siobhan had a Swiss bank account somewhere or that she’s secretly a spy. However, the actress pointed out that she’s clueless and even admitted that she had to make up stories to answer questions from fans during the Comic-Con.