Several reports started to surface online that Kanye West has left jay z's streaming service Tidal due to their escalating feud over money. West believes that the Tidal streaming service owes him of about $3 million. Meanwhile, Jay Z has threatened to sue West if in any case, he will use another streaming service.

A report from CBS has shared that West has terminated his contract. On the other hand, the company has refused to recognize such termination. To recall, West was the first artist who has been part of the Tidal streaming service back when it was launched on 2015. Even his album "The Life of Pablo" also debuted as one of the Tidal exclusive.

Tidal to sue West

It has been believed that their feud started over money issues. As per reports from CBS, the singer was expecting to receive a bonus check for bringing about 1.5 million subscribers to the streaming services. However, he was disappointed when the bonus check was not materialized.

Meanwhile, Jay Z's streaming service has also threatened "The Life of Pablo" singer that he will be sued if he will be using another streaming service other than Tidal. Amid the escalating feud, representatives from both parties are yet to comment on the said issue.

West allegedly didn't fulfill his contract

Amid allegations that Tidal streaming service failed to pay West the bonus check, the company also made a response and they revealed that West also failed to fulfill his duties in the contract.

Meanwhile, West's lawyers are reportedly accusing Tidal of a breach of contract and that they are terminating the said agreement.

Further, despite the threat that West will be sued for using another service, a report from TMZ also shared that the rapper is ready to fire back against Tidal company with his own lawsuit. To recall, both musicians were two good friends.

Hence, some of their fans were saddened upon learning that their feud is getting worst.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, West's wife, also urges her husband to end the feud once and for all. The "KUWTK" star is worried about her husband being upset and worried over the issue. Thus, she wishes that all these troubles between West and Jay Z will simply go away.

Even for a fact that she was not happy with the money feud, the "KUWTK" star wanted her husband to focus more on his health and their family. She further added that she doesn't want her husband to spend his time to useless things like his feud with Jay Z.

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