The season finale of the "Flash" left the audience with a mixture of emotions (mostly puzzlement), and unlike other season finales, did not blatantly reveal what the plot line of the next season will be (very secretive, but one tiny clue).

Season 3 finale recap

Iris's death had been the revolving plot line for the past three months, and it was all team Flash could think about. The episode before the finale left the fans heartbroken, as all the effort that was done during the past season seemed to make no difference in altering the future.

H.R. using the facial "transmogrified" was an unexpected twist, which not only deemed him as a hero but leads to Savitar being erased from existence.

H.R. had been a lovely character throughout the season, with his humor and inspiring words to give everyone the much-needed courage. Although he always struggled with the idea of not being a superhero like everybody else in the team, in the end, he ended up being someone to look up to truly.

In the end of the episode, where all seemed to go well, something, of course, had to go very wrong. After starting that many troubles with FlashPoint, the speed force's prison remained open, and as a redemption, Barry Allen had to be the prisoner to fill it in. He said heartbreaking goodbyes with all his family, and left with his "mother." We, however, are not sure how Iris will continue to grow, live, and love without him, if the Flash will be coming back "in a flash" (that pun had to be mentioned!).

And the next big baddie is...

This season finale was filled with various references to an upcoming supervillain named "DeVoe," and apparently, this character, otherwise known as The Thinker, has been confirmed by the show runners. Clifford DeVoe has technology that gives him telekinesis, and mind control, something which Barry has battled with before.

In the comic books, he was also mentioned to be collaborating with the Suicide Squad. Furthermore, in this finale, Savitar mentioned that he remembered trying to stop DeVoe with the cerebral inhibitor, and quickly was reminded that that had not happened yet.

The immense damage that Barry Allen caused by creating the FlashPoint seems that finally caught up with him.

The fans were surprised to see their hero, make such an impulsive, and out-of-the-blue move, which of course would lead to more troubles, than actual benefits. Either way, we cannot wait to see how the writers will free the Flash out of that "eternal prison" in time for the premier.