It seems new spoilers for "The Defenders" Netflix series has been revealed, as a new promo trailer teased the possible appearance of Jon Bernthal's character, Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

New promo trailer

A new promo for "The Defenders" Netflix series has been posted in the Marvel Philippines Facebook page as the teaser showcased all four members: Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand/Iron Fist, while legendary Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee narrates the whole video.

Lee cited that the stories of these heroes are the "greatest ones that are never told," signifying that all four of them have different ways of being a hero regardless of profession, beliefs, and personalities.

The Marvel comic book writer added that despite having powers, they are also humans, which is the basis of the core selves and it will be explored in the show's story. The trailer ends with the sudden appearance of The Punisher in action wearing his iconic costume with a white skull.

With The Punisher featured in the promo, will Marvel fans expect Frank Castle helping the team against the threat of the Hand in the Netflix series?

Frank first appeared in "Daredevil" season 2, as an unstable soldier who brutalized several gang members for the death of his family. Daredevil fought against Frank and even teamed-up with him in later episodes. Frank's appearance in "The Defenders" could also be the catalyst for his own Netflix series coming this year.

San Diego Comic-Con appearance

Both "The Defenders" and "The Punisher" series will make their appearances at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event as part of Marvel comic's line-up. Both shows have their own SDCC posters and will be exclusive to fans who have attended the event. The posters were designed the chief creative officer Joe Quesada and Marvel's TV's creative director Joshua James Shaw.

"Daredevil" season 2 producers Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez will be overseeing the first eight episodes of the series. The heroes of New York will be fighting against the Hand and their new leader Alexandria. Matt's former ally and love interest Elektra will also be featured in the series, and will likely fight against them.

"The Defenders" series will have their own panel at SDCC with appearances from the cast and the production behind the show. There is also the possibility of a new trailer for the show that will shed some light on the Hand's plans for New York and why Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny must work together in order to stop them.

"The Defenders" will premiere on Aug. 18, while "The Punisher" is expected to arrive this fall on Netflix.