Marvel has a history of success with translating their stories of teams of costumed heroes to their Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has seen a lot of financial success with the recent release “Guardians of The Galaxy 2.” This success has translated to the small screen within the last several years with their hit television shows on Netflix such as “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” and “Iron Fist.”

Crossovers and cameos have become rampant between the four shows and for a good reason. Marvel's newest show coming this August is The Defenders which will see the team up of all four of the titular heroes from their respective Netflix shows against a common evil villain.

Mike Colter, who plays the muscle-bound, bullet-proof Luke Cage, recently teased some details about the next Marvel show set to dominate on Netflix.

Team moral will be rocky.

Colter revealed that all four heroes would be forced to be united against a common enemy. He remained tight-lipped about whom the enemy entity would be, but he did tease that the common enemy entity is the person or group responsible for all of the bad things that have happened to all four heroes in their own individual television shows up to this point.

Colter also expressed how the team will get along together, stating that each character will be very passionate in their viewpoints, and he talked about how team solidarity will be difficult for the infamous Defenders at first.

Whom is the villainous entity?

A brand new trailer debuted for “The Defenders” last week, which showed the return of the deceased Elektra and the legendary Hand organization. Given this knowledge, and the fact that the Hand has terrorized all four heroes in their individual shows, fans are theorizing that their villainous organization may be the big bad that Colter teased.

Fans were also treated to the first sight of the legendary actress Sigourney Weaver in action as the mysterious villain Alexandra. Not a lot is known about Alexandra at this point except that she is indeed a villain in the show who has a lot of power. Whether she is connected to the Hand organization at all remains to be seen, but her alliance with them could be very plausible given how interconnected the Hand is in corporations and politics.

Epic fight scenes take the stage!

Mike Colter also spoke briefly about potential fight scenes from “The Defenders” that fans will find extremely entertaining. He teased that he has a fight with somebody in particular that will be very fun for fans to watch and display a very strong comic book feel. In the trailer released last week, Colter is seen briefly fighting with Danny Rand the Immortal Iron Fist, so this could be the fight he spoke of in his interview.

Oodles of details have released about the show since the premiere of the trailer, and more details are expected to be released as the debut draws closer. The entire first season of “The Defenders” is set to premiere on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Season three of “Daredevil” and season two of “Jessica Jones,” which shot back to back with “The Defenders,” are expected to follow the release of “The Defenders” so it seems Marvel and Netflix will be providing fans with loads of new content to binge watch.