Tyra Banks is known worldwide for her modeling career. She also created and presented the hit modeling show "America's Next Top Model." Tyra recently resigned from her role as her show's presenter and decided to pursue other opportunities. One of these opportunities was to become the new presenter for "America's Got Talent." Banks jumped at the opportunity and has been presenting the show for a number of months now. However, Banks lacks a natural connection with the audience and has been causing friction with cast and crew. According to Entertainment, Banks is on the chopping block and could be out of a job soon.

Banks took over from Nick Cannon

Tyra Banks, famous model and creator of "America's Next Top Model," took over hosting "America's Got Talent" from Nick Cannon. She became the shows new presenter and fans were skeptical about her role in the hit show. According to Life and Style, Tyra has only been presenting for a number of months but that hasn't stopped show runners from considering giving her the ax.

Banks is known for her presenting skills on her show "America's Next Top Model" so her choice as a presenter for the music competition does not come as a complete surprise. However, fans of "Got Talent" have criticized the shows decision to have her presenting the show. It is clear from her role already that she does not have the natural friendly face that "Got Talent" usually advertise.

The audience has expressed their opinions and disappointment on social media.

The star has not impressed the cast and crew

According to Entertainment, Tyra Banks has not been getting along well with her fellow cast and crew. She has been treating everyone she works with as if they are beneath her and has been acting like the boss.

The star appears to have forgotten that there are four judges on the show. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel are the leaders of the series and Banks has been grating on their nerves since she got there.

Following this Tyra is responsible for getting "America's Got Talent" sued after she allegedly humiliating a little girl.

Tyra told the contestant that she must have been "conceived accidentally" and kept pulling the child's hair back. The parents of the little girl claim that their daughter is traumatized by what happened and they won the lawsuit. There has been no comment from "America's Got Talent" surrounding Banks' future role in the TV series. However, as she has been causing drama among cast and crew one can be pretty certain that she won't be around for much longer.