Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have finally announced their engagement on the social media. The songwriter, Morris, who has been madly in love with the musician, Ryan Hurd, has shared several photos on her Instagram account as it highlighted the happiness of the couple. Morris also shared a photo of her engagement ring on her finger along with a bottle of Corona.

Meanwhile, Morris also shared a final image of their engagement which featured her arms around the neck of Hurd while showing off the ring on her finger. Without a doubt, the couple is very much happy with their engagement. With all the photos posted online, Morris has left everyone in awe as she wrote a caption that says, "Yes!"

Romantic photo

Amid their engagement announcement, Hurd, on the other hand, also shared one of their romantic photos on his Instagram.

He shared a photo where the two of them were riding off on a boat under a dusky sky and a peaceful lake. Further, a report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that the couple started dating since December 2015.

Hence, after several years of being together, Morris and Hurd are now taking their relationship to another level. Prior to their relationship which started back in 2015, both were known to be friends since 2013 when both of them had worked together for a songwriting collaboration.

Morris' 'Hero Tour'

Apart from being happy couples, Morris and Hurd are also both busy with their respective careers. Right now, the "Country" star is currently on tour together with Sam Hunt. On the other hand, Hurd is also at work as he joins Georgia Line on the road by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, amid their busy schedules, the couple is slated to have a joined tour this year as Morris is about to start her another leg of "Hero Tour." Further, as the couple is about to start the next level of their relationship, Morris also shared that they both came from different publishing companies. However, their job had currently put each other up together.

Having been friends for a couple of years, the couple has later developed an intimate relationship towards each other. She further shared that their passion in writing has also helped their relationship bloomed to where it is right now. Morris further shared that their relationship was built on the foundation of their love for writing songs.

For the meantime, the couple is yet to reveal the upcoming details of their wedding. But without a doubt, Morris and Hurd are such a good pair!

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