Liam Hemsworth has reportedly called off his Wedding to Miley Cyrus. After several months of an on-and-off relationship, Liam and Miley announced their engagement in 2016. And now, they are in the process of making marriage plans. But Hemsworth reportedly called it off without asking for Cyrus’s opinion. At first, the "Wrecking Ball" singer was unhappy with Liam’s decision, but now it seems that Cyrus has decided to move on without him.

Liam Hemsworth gets cold feet and calls off the wedding

A report by Hollywood Gossip reveals that the decision to cancel the marriage was not a mutual one. Liam reportedly got cold feet and decided to call it quits, as he was feeling overwhelmed with the wedding preparations.

Liam was finding the whole process tiresome and stressful, while Cyrus was enjoying the experience.

We know that both Miley and Liam come from different backgrounds, and it is possible that there were some conflicts on how to best approach the big day. Liam took too much pressure, and he decided to postpone his marriage at first. Later on, the actor told Life & Style magazine that he had cancelled the wedding plans as he was not in a position to take any burden.

Though Miley was not happy with his decision, she respects Hemsworth and has decided to wait for the day when he changes his mind.

According to IB Times, Miley is determined to wait until her boyfriend is ready to take the next step in their relationship. For now, they remain as solid as they have ever been.

The journey of Liam and Miley

While filming “The Last Song” in June 2009, Liam began dating his co-star Miley.

After several years of an on-and-off relationship, they announced their engagement in June 2012. Miley was residing in Los Angeles with her fiancé. In August 2016, fans speculated that Liam and Miley were planning their wedding. In October 2016, Miley confirmed in an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she was ready to marry Liam as she wanted to get married as early as possible.

Liam Hemsworth, however, seemed to have a different view, as he once told Men's Fitness that he has not yet finalized their wedding date because he was busy with some other things.

“Miley is desperate to be married. She has reached the stage in her life where she feels like she is ready,” Liam told the magazine.

According to "The Hunger Games" actor, his decision to cancel the wedding has made "The Climb" singer upset. However, she wanted him to change his decision in the future. Despite all this, fans still remain hopeful that Miley and Liam will finally announce their marriage in the coming months.

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