James Huling and Natalie Negrotti fell for one another during “Big Brother 18” and their relationship has continued to thrive in real life. They are facing a long-distance relationship at this point, but he just traveled to New Jersey to see her and they shared some photos and updates that had “Jatalie” fans buzzing. Did Natalie and James just get engaged?

Did Jatalie of 'BB18' truly get engaged?

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling got “Big Brother 18” fans buzzing when they started posting updates showing them together again, and then Jatalie fans went wild when they both shared photos and social media posts indicated that he had proposed and she had said yes.

While quite a few “BB18” folks went wild over what seemed to be fantastic news, quite a few others suspected that this was a prank. These two are known for pranking quite a bit and she had been hinting that a big one was on the way.

For a few hours, “Big Brother 18” fans weren't necessarily sure what to think. Many family members, friends, and show alumni were excitedly congratulating James and Natalie on their engagement, but there were signs that this might not be for real. Negrotti had recently joked about how her nails had better be done nicely whenever Huling did propose, and her nails are definitely not in that desired state at the moment.

In addition, the photo the “BB18” stars shared of him on bended knee proposing looked quite staged to many of their social media followers.

Negrotti has come clean and admitted the truth

After leaving everybody hanging for a bit, Natalie admitted via Snapchat and Twitter that this indeed was a big prank. Negrotti said she's been a prankster since she was a little girl and she believes that life is meant to be lived joking, laughing hard, and pranking.

She said people should either take it or leave it, and she reiterated that whenever James does propose, her nails had better be done.

Not only did Natalie and James prank the “Big Brother” online community, but Negrotti says that her prank with Huling also fooled all of her own family and fellow New York Jets cheerleaders.

Her best friends and even her sister had no idea that this was a setup and she says that everybody close to her fell for it.

James and Natalie may not be getting engaged quite yet, but this latest prank and Jatalie visit certainly indicates that the "Big Brother 18" stars are doing well in their relationship and remain head-over-heels for one another. Do you think that there will be a legitimate Natalie Negrotti and James Huling engagement on the way a bit further down the road and eventually a wedding between the two "BB18" stars?