Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, the "Bachelor in Paradise" stars, were reportedly spotted in Hawaii for their “babymoon” celebration.The couple has chosen to relax from their busy schedule as they also wait for the arrival of their first child. Roper, who is currently 30-weeks pregnant, shared some of their happy photos together with husband in the said vacation on her Instagram page.

A report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that Roper was seen in all smiles as she wore a complete Hawaiian lei while showing off her baby bump. Another photo featured online also showed the couple enjoying their fresh pineapple drink in one of the scenic locations in Hawaii.

Sunbathing on the beach

As the couple prepares for the arrival of their baby, Roper and Tolbert had enjoyed sunbathing together at the beach. Both had spent about 10 minutes on the beach while resting under the cabana shade after soaking up from the water. The couple was also seen taking the traditional luau party which is one of the events that they romantically shared.

In one of her recent Instagram post, Roper has shared that she loved how they can spend time together while waiting for the arrival of Janner, their first baby. She also shared how breathtaking the sunset was in Hawaii and it simply goes to show how the couple has enjoyed the said trip.

The couple also dined in the traditional dinner in Maui and has been enjoying watching the traditional dances on the resort.

Without a doubt, Roper and Tolbert are the kind of relationships which most fans have looked up to.

Announcement of first child

To recall, the couple tied the knot back in January 2016 and had their wedding televised. They also made their official announcement back in March that they are finally expecting the arrival of their first child.

Since then, Roper and Tolbert made all the preparations as they become first-time parents soon.

During their tropical escape, the couple has wowed their fans as they shared their romantic photos during their vacation. It was also believed that their Hawaii vacation is their advance celebration while waiting for the arrival of their first born.

A report from US Magazine also shared that the couple seemed to be enjoying their vacation a lot. Roper also shared one of her throwback photos while dressed in a left-patterned dress. Meanwhile, Tolbert romantically her in a tight embrace. For the past few months, the couple has talked about starting a family of their own. Hence, all their plans are slowly becoming reality this time.