On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," someone shoots at Quinn while she is outside of her house. The logical suspect is Katie who earlier had held a gun on Quinn after being fired from "Forrester Creations." Now it appears that Katie may not be the only suspect because Shelia Carter is back in town.

Sheila Carter in the house

For decades Sheila Carter wreaked havoc in both Los Angeles and Genoa City. She was part of the cast of "The Young and the Restless" and later "The Bold and the Beautiful." While in LA she managed to trick Eric Forrester into marrying her.

They divorced after she tried to convince Eric he was the father of her child. Sheila did not know that Eric had a vasectomy. Sheila spent time in a mental health facility but obviously is out now. If she stays true to form she is not really rehabilitated and is up to no good as usual.

The police have Katie at the station questioning her and administering a ballistics test because Quinn believes Katie is the one who fired the shot at her. Katie was shown looking through a telescope at the Forrester mansion. A few moments later a finger is seen on a trigger and gunshot is heard. Quinn rushes to Katie's home to confront her but Ms. Logan says she is innocent. Katie goes to the police station where she acts very nervous but continues to proclaim that she is not the shooter.

Quinn meets Sheila

Quinn is in her home pacing back and forth trying to deal with what has just happened. She looks across the way into Katie's home and see's a brown haired woman walking inside the house. She wonders aloud why Katie is not at the police station, but this woman isn't Katie. Eric has just shown up as Katie is being tested and insisting she did not try to kill Eric's wife.

Once again, Quinn goes over to the Logan home and sees a woman, who from behind, looks just like Katie.

When Quinn calls her name the woman turns around and announces that she is Sheila. It's possible that Quinn just might be looking into the face of the woman who tried to kill her. There is no way to know for sure of Katie's guilt or innocence until the ballistics report comes back.

All of the questions now, however, will be directed towards Ms. Carter. Why is she back in town and what reason does she have to be at Katie's home? If she is the shooter, viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" need some answers about why, and now that Quinn and Sheila are face to face we just may begin to get them.