Victor Newman is used to getting his way in genoa city. He does not like when people do not bend to his will. Tessa, the new girl in town and his wife's assistant, is standing her ground with the Newman patriarch. She did not allow Victor to intimidate her and she is protecting Nikki's secret.

Tessa and Mariah have something in common

On Thursday, Tessa had a heart to heart with her friend Mariah and shared how Victor tried to pump her for information. Mariah told Tessa they had something in common. She admitted that it was Victor who hired her to town to gaslight Sharon. Tessa admitted that Victor Newman is intimidating but so far she has done what not many people in Genoa City have been able to do.

Tessa withheld information and walked away from Victor unscathed, at least for now.

Victor had shown Tessa the letter his wife had written before she left town for a few days. Mr. Newman wanted to know if something had happened that caused Nikki to leave Genoa City so abruptly. Tessa assured Victor that she knew nothing and suggested Nikki just wanted to prepare for her upcoming piano recital. Victor asked his wife's assistant to please let him know if she heard from Nikki. He knew something was wrong but couldn't get Tessa to crack. He then threw her off by asking her to open for Nikki the night of the concert.

The stress of practicing for the benefit concert caused Nikki to have an episode with her MS. Tessa found her lying on the floor with her arms curled.

A doctor came and gave Mrs. Newman a steroid shot which helped a little. After Jack told Nikki to look out for herself rather than please her husband, she took off. Tessa did not divulge any of these details to either Victor or Mariah. She is showing herself to be loyal to her employer.

How long can Tessa withstand Victor?

Tessa is now on Victor's radar.

He did not ask her to open for his wife simply from the goodness of his heart. If Mr. Newman operates in his usual manner, he will more than likely have Tessa investigated. He will find every skeleton in her closet and use that information to manipulate The Young woman.

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" know that eventually Victor Newman always gets his way.

He will find out exactly what is going on with his wife and attempt to make her believe he is the only one why can help her. Nikki will balk and try to resist but her spouse will win her over. It will last just as long as it takes for her to find out his latest scheme. And then it starts all over again. Tessa has no idea the mess she has walked into with this family.

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