In a nutshell, the long-standing television series, Blue Bloods, is a superbly acted show, about a staunch Catholic family... of cops. This family, The Reagan family, enjoy Sunday Dinner, in a warm, woodsy, loving environment, in which everyone is afforded free speech and, as far as I can tell, everyone but the youngsters owns a gun. Apparently, they are good shots, who fire their weapons prolifically, and not for food. That means a lot of people die.

I thoroughly enjoy the show. Maybe it's that it is a contemplation, for me, on how television can be used to manipulate public and political opinion, but, as is my way, I feel overwhelmingly compelled to point out a few things.

First, police officers rarely discharge their firearms. I'm not talking about the police shootings that the narrow-minded news media tends to focus most of their attention on. I'm saying that most officers retire, having never discharged their firearm.

A family of psychopaths

That said, cops in the Reagan family seem to discharge their firearms and KILL those whom they fire upon at least every other episode. Now the viewers surely know, that nearly every episode covers about a week since, in nearly every episode, Sunday dinner is had. Ergo, someone is killed, by a member of the Reagan family, once every couple of weeks. Let me say here, how disgusting it is to me, that the show revolves around this trigger-happy family's Catholic flavored, Sunday goddamned dinners.

Pun? Only two Reagan's are on the beat. So that's like 26 killings a year, from just TWO guys!! Can we say overkill? Pun intended.

We're talking about a family of psychopaths! We're watching them, and thinking “What a typical, normal family they are!”, but that’s not what the evidence is showing. It takes a certain type of mindset to kill someone.

Those that do are often wracked with guilt and nausea. But to do it prolifically without much hesitation? That takes a special kind of nut.

I still really like the show. It is family oriented. Even if this family is ultra conservative, Christian and prone to murder people frequently. It kind of goes with the territory, if you ask me.

But now, maybe I'm reading too much into it. It wouldn't be the first time. It won’t be the last. I mean, the writers may have just thought that little about what they were putting out there for people to veg out on, as long as they could veg out adequately.

I'm willing to bet that there is a more covert agenda here. Perhaps their intent was for the television watching public to simply be entertained; or, maybe, they really wanted the voting, TV watching, public, to admire and respect police officers that frequently shoot and kill the people whom the public considers to be criminals. I think they are just giving the bloodthirsty public, what it is that they demand.

Whiskey mixed into Blue Bloods

While discussing agenda’s, why not shine some light on another suspicious tendency of the show? They consume a lot of what appears to be Irish whiskey and only that. Bobby, the eldest Reagan son, keeps a bottle in his desk at the station, as Frank does in his own desk at One Police Plaza. Maybe this goes to explain the loose trigger fingers, but it cannot fit so easily with those “Christian” values, can it? On the other hand, those so-called values seem to fit right in with the cartoon world of Donald Trump.

So, if you enjoy watching morally ambiguous shows that warm your cockles while feeding your natural thirst for blood and alcohol, then this might just be the show you have been waiting for.

There is a huge bonus. Tom Selleck looks better with every year that passes. He is the perfect father figure, with his furrowed brow and thoughtful expressions. He evidently, still draws the crowds. So, please enjoy the series. Keep in mind though that it’s not reality. At least it’s not a reality yet.

"He'll bring them death - and they will love him for it." Gracchus, speaking about Emperor Commodus, from the movie Gladiator