As the seventh season ofBlue Bloods comes to a close, fans are now looking forward to the coming of “Blue Bloods” Season 8. To recall, the show was earlier renewed to have a new chapter and although CBS has yet to announce its official airing it might possibly come this fall.

As the show has been airing since 2010, it already reached its 150th episode milestone in March. It also managed to rake in 1.8 rating among adults with 13.8 million viewers in its previous season alone. Now, some changes are coming.

A big surprise in the coming new chapter

In an interview with Parade, Tom Selleck, who plays the role of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, talked about the show’s recent season finale and its connection in “Blue Bloods” Season 8. The final episode saw the role of the 72-year-old actor having a hard time trying to decide if he was going to interrupt the delivery of millions of dollars from a drug cartel heading to Mexico.

He was a little bit worried knowing that the consequences of his decisions would greatly affect and bring trouble to his family. The “Magnum, P.I.” star told the publication that there is a life lesson about what he is going to do and fans are about to see it in the coming next chapter.

“I think the unanticipated consequence is Danny’s realization that there can be consequences to the family,” he said.

The upcoming season will also look into Mayor Carter Poole (David Ramsey) and Frank’s relationship. It has been said that it will be quite different than before as it will be influenced by the show’s unexpected ending.

Selleck continued to say that his character actually often has a hostile relationship with the city’s superior, although their respect for each other remains.

However, with the recent turn of events, things are about to change. But, the actor-film producer doesn’t want to spill the beans as it will be a big surprise that will be featured in the coming new episodes.

The thorough and original stories the show features

Meanwhile, in another interview with TVInsider, Selleck said that “Blue Bloods” is a kind of show that presents real life arguments on “both sides of a heated contemporary issue.” Each family member in the show is representing various parts of the justice system that let the show feature the current happenings around the world and seem to be inspired by real events.

The police procedural and legal drama series’ showrunner Kevin Wade, on the other hand, talked about his hopes for the coming new seasons and “Blue Bloods” Season 8. He told Entertainment Weekly that what he plans to do is to stick to the show’s original version that they have been doing from the very start. This includes building new stories as a product of their in-depth research instead of just copying scenarios from the headlines.