Hey, "Blue Bloods" fans. It's time to go over some new spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 17 of the current season 7. We got a couple of official storyline reveals from CBS that sound quite interesting as Eddie and Jamie start suspecting some foul intentions on their latest call. Erin learns some shocking stuff in regards to someone she previously convicted. We also have Frank, busy trying to handle a big PR problem, and more.

Shady stuff going on with this one

They also revealed the title for this one, which is: "Shadow of a Doubt." According to the official synopsis, we're going to see a major distress call go out that prompts Eddie and Jamie to respond to it.

It turns out to be a woman that's suffering from a severe, allergic attack from a medication that's supposed to be lifesaving. Eventually, Eddie and Jamie start to suspect some shady stuff going on when her EMT husband, who was assigned to take her 911 call, never showed up. CBS went out of their way to put this part of the episode, in all caps, so look for it to get the brunt of the focus.

Erin faces shocking intel

Next, we learn that Erin is going to experience a pretty shocking revelation of sorts, because at some point, she is going to find out that a certain man that she convicted and sent to the slammer a few years ago, might actually have been an innocent person. They didn't elaborate on what he was innocent of.

How will Erin react to this wild news? Will she do anything to make it right if the guy is actually innocent? Or will she just say, oh well? It'll certainly be interesting to find out.

An expose causes all kinds of drama

Lastly, we've got more of Frank involved in this final teaser. The tell us that an expose on Garret Moore is going to get published at some point.

And when it does, it's going to spark up a bigtime PR crisis in Frank's department, prompting him to have to jump in and try to handle the situation. Will he be able to calm down the madness? Or will things just keep spiraling out of freaking control. Those are some big questions for that situation. We've got Kevin Riley as the writer of this episode, and it was directed by PJ Pesce.

Alright, so that's going to do it for this week's round of official spoiler dish. Unfortunately, we don't expect to see a new promo clip to get released, tonight, due to some other unfortunate news that I'm about to tell you, right now. The press released revealed that this episode is not due to air until March 10th, 2017, which means that we're looking at about a three week break after tonight's episode 16 airs. So, be sure to mark that new date down on your TV calendars. Oh, and yeah. CBS doesn't usually release promo clips when the show goes on a big break like this. They usually wait until the week that it's set to air, or something like that. Anyways, stay tuned.