On Monday's night episode of "The Bachelorette," Rachel Lindsay visited the families of her four remaining suitors. They were Eric, Bryan, Peter, and Dean. At the end of the episode, Dean was the one who was sent home. Since the last episode aired, frontrunner Peter Kraus has received Death threats because he revealed he could not tell Rachel he loves her.

Social media

People on social media don't hold back. They are lashing out at Peter for not expressing his feeling after Rachel met his family in Madison, Wisconsin. The 31-year-old fitness trainer refused to say the "L-word" to the 32-year-old Dallas, Texas attorney.

Peter's social media accounts were filled with negative comments and death threats soon after Monday's night episode ended. Some think the death threats are insane. How can viewers sit back and threaten bodily harm to someone they don't even know? How can fans tell someone who to love? Peter has indicated throughout the season that he is not sure he is ready for marriage and he is hesitant to become engaged at the end of the season.

Peter's response

Pete immediately tried to calm the haters by explaining some things. First of all, he met Rachel only four weeks ago along with 30 other men. He has had only two dates with her. On his Instagram post, he wrote that he is sorry people want him to tell Rachel he loves her even when he is not sure that he does.

Peter said when he uses those three words, he wants to be absolutely sure they are true.

Peter admitted he is shocked that viewers focused on him and voiced their negative opinion on social media and sending him emails with death threats. At the end of his response, Peter encouraged his haters to be kind to not just him but to others online and in person.

Rachel is engaged

Rachel was already engaged when the show first aired on May 22. However, no one knows who she is engaged to, but that doesn't keep people from speculating. Knowing what we know now, hopefully, she is not engaged to Peter. However, he did get a rose on the last episode.

The speculation is that she is engaged to Dr.

Bryan Abasolo. Remember he is the one who received the first impression rose. He is the 37-year-old Miami, Florida chiropractor. Also, remember that Bryan is the one who is close to his mother and she was the reason Bryan broke up with his last girlfriend. Apparently, that didn't matter to Rachel if she really did choose Bryan. Let's continue to watch “The Bachelorette” on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.