On Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Sally and Caroline meet at IL Giardino and have an honest conversation regarding Thomas. Caroline comes across as confident that she will get her baby daddy back. Sally stands up to her and says that she is not going anywhere.

Caroline believes she has a chance

Caroline talks with her uncle Dollar Bill Spencer. She admits that she was wrong to leave town with her son Douglas, and that she wants Thomas back. She regrets that her moving to New York opened the door for Sally Spectra to gain entry into the life of the father of her son.

Bill tells his niece that he wants Sally out of the picture because she causes problems. Bill encourages Caroline to believe that they both can have what they want.

Sally arrives at IL Giardino and thanks Caroline for meeting her. Both women lay their cards on the table regarding Thomas. She said that she knows that Steffy and Bill are teaming up with Caroline to help her win Thomas back, and acknowledges that Thomas should be in his son's life, but has no reason to reconnect with his baby mama. Sally admits that she wants her ex-lover back and will do everything she can to make it happen.

Thomas weighs in

When Sally returns to work she tells Thomas about the opposition that she faces. He reassures her that he loves his son but not Caroline.

He tells Sally that she is in his life but he does not like jealousy. It's obvious that Thomas has absolutely no clue how devious his sister and his son's mother can be. In their eyes, Sally is the wicked witch who cast a spell and lured Thomas away from his business, his family, and his son. Add Dollar Bill to the mix and there is real trouble brewing.

Sally has a right to be concerned.

Thomas does not see Steffy and Caroline as the mean girls they are. They are conducting themselves as spoiled rich brats and treating Sally as if she is trash. With everyone against them, this is sure to cause tension between the lovebirds. Sally Spectra is a fighter but she has never been in this type of battle.

She must be careful or it will look like she is trying to keep Thomas from his son.

Caroline, Bill, and Steffy are just waiting for an opening so they can pounce on the situation. They believe they can make Thomas come to his senses and go back home to Forrester Creations where they believe he belongs. Sally needs all her wits about her because her opposition does not play fair. They are planning some type of sabotage during the fashion show in Monte Carlo, and they are determined to win.