"The Bachelorette" is coming to an end after just a few more episodes. The finale will air on August 7 when everyone will find out who Rachel Lindsay is engaged to. On the show that aired on Monday, July 17, Rachel visited the Families of the final four men who are contending for her hand in marriage. During her visit, she found each family interesting and different indeed. While the families were sizing her up, Rachel was doing the same concerning them.


Eric is the only black suitor left, and Rachel visited his family in Baltimore, Maryland where she appeared to be wildly received.

At first, Eric and Rachel were a little concerned because this was the first time he had taken a girl home to meet his family. A very large family was sitting around on a couch and warmly greeted Eric and Rachel when they walked through the door. Later several people talked one-on-one with Rachel and Eric separately as they tried to understand if Rachel would be good for Eric as well as if Eric would be good for her. In the end, they all felt good about the relationship.


Rachel visited Bryan's family in Miami, Florida. There she saw how close Bryan is to his mother. She is the reason Bryan broke up with his last girlfriend. Viewers are wondering if this will affect Rachel's decision not to choose Bryan over the other three.


Rachel visited Peter's family in Madison, Wisconsin. Peter, along with his mother, confessed that Peter is nervous about proposing at the final rose ceremony. His mother admitted to Rachel that she didn't think her son is ready for marriage right now. That could be a red flag for Rachel. Time will tell.


Rachel visited Dean's family in Aspen, Colorado.

She already knew that Dean had not spoken to his father in two years. After the death of Dean's mother, his father converted to Sikhism. His views are different from his son's. After the father led a group of people through a meditation exercise while they laid on the floor, he had a one-on-one talk with Rachel that didn't go well.

Final Three

It was very emotional for Rachel to make the decision about who to eliminate. Dean was the only one who did not get a rose and was sent home. Rachel was quick to say it wasn't because of his family. She told Dean she didn't think he was ready for the next step.

When the episode airs next week on ABC at 8 p.m., viewers will see that Eric, Bryan, and Peter are the only ones who are left. They all have made it to the top three, but Rachel can choose only one. Who do you think it will be?