"The Bachelorette" rachel lindsay took her final three suitors to Dallas to meet her family. Meeting the family usually comes much later in the season. Rachel's sister, Charlotte, is eight months pregnant and cannot fly. It would have been interesting if Rachel's father had met the guys, but the judge was unavailable. However, Rachel's mother and sister acted as a judge and jury on his behalf. Rachel didn't like some of the questions they asked.


Needless to say, all the men were a little nervous to meet Rachel's family, but if they want to have a lasting relationship with Rachel, the meeting was necessary.

Rachel's mother, sister, and her sister's husband asked all the men some very important questions. Peter acknowledged that he is not ready to propose. He is leaning toward just dating Rachel. This was a red flag for the family. It is also a big clue to fans because Rachel is already engaged. Hopefully, she is not engaged to Peter.


Eric was super nervous, and he let Rachel know it. Rachel's sister wasn't impressed with Eric, and it showed. Rachel's mother, Kathy, was a little more tolerant. Eric asked her for Rachel's hand in marriage, and Kathy indicated that it would be fine with her when the time came.


Bryan was the last to meet Rachel's family. It seems as though by that time, the family had had enough of the suitors.

Remember, they had gone through this before when Rachel was on "The Bachelor," and the family met Nick Viall. Even so, the family gave Bryan the respect he deserved. A big red flag went up when Bryan talked about how close he is to his mother. Kathy Lindsay is concerned that if an argument came up, Bryan would side with his mother instead of with Rachel.

It was obvious that Mrs. Lindsay is skeptical about how close Bryan is to his mother without even knowing that his mother was the cause of his breakup with his last girlfriend.

Like Eric, Bryan asked Rachel's mother for her blessing. She said yes but reluctantly. Then she said to the camera that it was a little scary.

Off to Spain

After the remaining men met Rachel's family, all of them went to La Rioja, Spain. Eric professed his love for Rachel. He was the first to be invited into the Fantasy Suite. Then Rachel and Peter had a heart-to-heart talk. He further explained that he sees engagement as an extension of marriage.

The 32-year-old lawyer told Peter that she didn't go through this whole process just have a boyfriend at the end of it. Rachel cried after she fully understood that Peter is not ready to propose. This should be a deal breaker. To the camera, she said it was devastating.

Viewers will find out more in two weeks when the regular episode returns on ABC. Next week the "Men Tell All" special will air, and the men do have a lot to tell.