A newcomer becomes the devil’s rival when it comes to winning over Chloe Decker’s affections in “Luciferseason 3. Tom Welling plays a character who forms a connection with the detective which displeases Lucifer.

Tom Welling role

The “Smallville” star plays Marcus Pierce, according to Deadline. Pierce is a police lieutenant who catches the eye of the devil because of his connection to Chloe (Lauren German). He is unlike Lucifer in many ways—Marcus is reserved, strategic and well-respective. These traits are the total opposite of Hell’s former ruler.

However, Marcus and Lucifer also have things in common. They are handsome, charming and charismatic. This puts the lieutenant in good terms with Detective Chloe Decker. According to the publication, Marcus eventually develops a connection with her, which does not sit well with Lucifer and brings out the devil in him. Perhaps he is just jealous. After all, he has feelings for Chloe. So far, we only saw Chloe become envious of Lucifer’s women in Season 2. It would be interesting to see the tables turned this time in Season 3.

Marcus Pierce’s appearances in “Lucifer” Season 3

Details about Welling’s appearances in the series remain under wrap. It is unknown if he is a series regular or only has a cameo.

Likewise, there is no word yet on which episode Welling debuts his character.

Other new casts

Tom Welling is not the only newcomer in Season 3. Rachel Harris, who plays therapist Dr. Linda Martin, revealed in an interview with TV Line that Patrick Fabian is also in the installment. The “Better Call Saul” actor plays someone from Dr.

Linda’s past. Harris did not reveal further details about the actor’s character or name in the series.

What to expect when “Lucifer” Season 3 airs

The show returns to Fox on Oct. 2 and picks up after that intriguing Season 2 Finale, which saw Lucifer with his wings back. The installment answers the question: where is Lucifer and how did he get his wings back?

Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, is certain that God gave Lucifer his wings back as his way of manipulating him. He wants his son to do good things, but the devil instead reverts to his old womanizing and party-loving self. Ellis said that in Season 3, the devil realizes that he has had enough of his father’s manipulation and so decides to rebel.

Likewise, expect Season 3 to have four stand-alone episodes. One is a flashback to when Chloe and Dan were still a couple, and the other is a revisit to when Lucifer first arrived in Los Angeles.