"Fear the Walking Dead" season 3 has remarkably increased its number of casualties, as character's end up dead in almost every episode. Before proceeding to read the rest of the article, be warned that it contains spoilers and a recap of the "Children Of Wrath" episode, plus subsequent episodes before that. To continue, the drama and tension between Jeremiah Otto and Qaletqa Walker reached a climax in the last episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the feud between the two rivals ended on a violent note, and the Clarke family is the one to blame.

The episode that aired on Sunday was a big deal for fans of the series as it was tagged as the mid-season finale.

Mid-season finales are considered to be big turning points for any series and are often game-changers that will determine the end of the series. That said, the viewers were shocked to see Jeremiah Otto drop dead on the ground, thanks to Madison's son, Nick.

The shocking death of Jeremiah Otto

In the previous episodes, the showrunners built up the possibility that Jeremiah Otto would meet his death soon. There were even some scenes where he seemed to be contemplating about who would be the best choice to continue his legacy.

However, it was clearly unexpected that Nick would be the one who would end up taking his life.

Most of the fans suspected that only Madison would have the guts to kill Jeremiah. Apparently, Nick changed a lot when he decided to join Troy's militia. In fact, Nick was already sporting a new haircut in the latest "Fear The Walking Dead" episode, symbolizing a new beginning.

Why Nick killed Jeremiah

Looking at the bigger picture, it is a bit confusing when thinking about why Nick decided to kill Jeremiah.

Nick wasn't the type of character who would just go ahead and kill someone in anger.

However, it seems that Nick decided to end Jeremiah's life once and for all to protect his mother and sister. He was sacrificing his character and his conscience just so Madison wouldn't have more blood on her hands.

Troy vs. Nick

Now that Jeremiah is out of the picture, it doesn't mean that there will be peace and harmonious alliances in the community.

In fact, it might be the opposite, seeing as how Troy already sees Nick as a potential threat after knowing that the latter singlehandedly killed Jeremiah Otto.

The next episodes will see Madison getting more entangled in the web that she herself created. "Fear The Walking Dead" spoilers reveal that Nick and Troy might go head to head soon, and Madison will be stuck in the middle.