Tech investor and actor Ashton Kutcher was pissed off when he read the headline of a tabloid that says, “Hey Ashton! Who’s the Girl?” The article showed a photo of Kutcher with a woman. The father of two did not let it slide and addressed the tabloid.

Ashton Kutcher reported as cheating on Mila Kunis

Kutcher revealed that the woman in the photo was his cousin as reported by USA Today.

It was not the first time the tabloid projected the actor as a cheater. He also stated that the same publication said he was cheating on his then wife Demi Moore in 2010. When he received his Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character award early this year, Kutcher could not help himself and referenced to the fake article news. He said that he got the award despite him being reported as a cheater.

The successful entrepreneur and his wife Mila Kunis are a picture of a lucky couple. They are devoted to each other and prioritize their two kids. Financially, the head of the family is known in the tech world as a successful investor. He owns AGrade, a venture capital company and has numerous investments in various firms.

It is understandable how Ashton Kutcher has reacted to the cheating rumor because at present several men from Silicon Valley lost their positions and their integrity because they were involved in sexual harassment scandals. The likes of Travis Kalanick, Dave McClure among others lost the confidence of their clients because of their involvement in the said scandals.

Kutcher is one of the men that have investments in technology and is known in Silicon Valley.

Kutcher and Kunis started off as friends

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis first met when they appeared in “That 70’s Show” in 1998 when Kutcher was 20 and Kunis was 14. The actress revealed that she had a crush on the actor and admitted he was her first on and off-screen kiss.

Kunis had a relationship with Macaulay Culkin for several years, and Kutcher married Demi Moore in 2003.

The “Jobs” actor and the “Ghost” star divorced in 2011, the same year the “Home Alone” actor and Kunis separated. In 2012, the couple started a romantic relationship after years of being friends, and on September 30, 2014, their eldest daughter was born.

Now, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are enjoying family life with their two kids. They are still active in their acting careers and doing great financially. The couple is actively involved in the lives of their children and had a unique parenting style.