You can take Warren Zevon off your “Teen Wolf” playlist once and for all. It appears Jackson Whittemore is no longer a werewolf in London. MTV will bid farewell to its lupine drama this summer, and, according to a recent teaser from Colton Haynes, it sounds as if a certain former kanima will be on hand for the send-off.

Jackson Whittemore back in action?

“Teen Wolf” has ten episodes to go, and its final salvo will bring back a few familiar faces. After having viewers campaigning for Haynes’ return since his character departed Beacon Hills after season 2, the summer run marks the last chance for writers to listen to those exhortations.

While an official announcement is still in the offing, Haynes seemingly confirmed his return during a Tumblr Answer Time on Friday. “I can say that I’m returning to a show I used to be on…and that I’m currently working on my favorite TV show of all time…but I can't name names,” the actor teased.

Off all the series Haynes has appeared on, “Arrow” and “Teen Wolf” are the only two still putting out fresh episodes. His equivocation opens the door for the return of either Jackson or Roy Harper, but, considering the “Arrow” writers room has only just reconvened for season 6, a trip back to California’s supernatural hot spot wins the toss-up (although both would be ideal).

Showrunner Jeff Davis, meanwhile, has kept season 6B casting news to a minimum, merely informing fans of the possibility for multiple returns.

“We’re going to have some appearances in the final season of people you haven’t seen in a long time,” Davis told TV Line.

Aside from the confirmed return of Agent McCall (Matthew Del Negro), who is Davis referencing? Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)? Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman)? The Darach? Tell us what you think in the comments!

What’s next on ‘Teen Wolf’?

For Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), his last few college free months will undoubtedly dump more cortisol into his system than a week of university exams. Supernatural threats have loomed large these past few seasons, but 6B will turn the spotlight onto one of the Alpha’s original fears. That’s right, folks – hunters are back in the mix.

“6B is very much about Scott and his friends becoming outsiders again, becoming pariahs, and about fear of the other, fear of the outsider, which is also a reflection of our current cultural-political climate,” Davis teased, according to Entertainment Weekly.

You can get a look at this new/old threat in the promo below.

Find out more when “Teen Wolf” returns to MTV this summer.