Teen Wolf began in June 2011 and is a modern take on the 1985 film of the same name. It was adapted for TV by Jeff Davis and was picked up by MTV. The show has been running for six years and is set to see the series finale in late June, early July, with season 6B.

Fans have been posting on social media: no Stiles, no views

There have been a rake of comments across the internet in relation to the absence of character Stiles in the promo for "Teen Wolf" season 6B. Many of the audience have bluntly stated if there is no Stiles they will not be watching the final season of the series.

As the series has continued Dylan O' Brien has grown immensely as an actor making him a fan favorite. Producers noticed this and the third season of the series had a story arc specifically to showcase O' Brien's talent. In hindsight, this seems like the wrong move to have made as season 6B is to possibly air without him. In the tenth episode of the sixth season Stiles gets a sloppy fair well as his character is off to college immediately after being rescued by his friends. It is evident that fans were expecting more and are deeply disappointed with the way his departure was handled.

Stiles Stilinski: is he really that vital to the ending of series 'Teen Wolf?'

Dylan O' Brien has played the character of Stiles since the very beginning of the "Teen Wolf" series.

His character is the human best friend to werewolf Scott McCall. Their friendship has been the crux of the show for the past five seasons, including the first half of season six. The focus on Stiles as a character is a very important aspect of the show as he is the underdog of the group. He is the only human in the supernatural group of friends and therefore, he is the character the audience can most relate with.

Despite that, Scott and Stiles have been in "Teen Wolf" consistently since the beginning. It seems only right, in the eyes of the fans that Stiles should be there to see the series end. It is likely that actor Dylan O' Brien has become unavailable as he pursues other projects and will make an appearance in the final episode.

However, the integrity of the show as a whole is compromised without the other half to the favored friendship.

There is much speculation on how involved the character of Stiles will be in season 6B but it does not look promising. Jeff Davis has not released a statement on if Dylan O' Brien will be appearing in the final season. This has left many fans fearful that the lacklustre farewell Stiles received in episode 10 is indeed the final sight of his character in the show.