Hugh Jackman became known to the world as X-Men character Wolverine. He has played the role for nearly a decade, and the latest X-Men movie saw a farewell to the favorite fan character. Jackman first took on the character back in 2000 with the very first X-Men movie. Jackman has stated that he will not be reprising the role and said that the only way Wolverine will be returning to the big screens is with another actor. Fans are devastated by this announcement, but they can look out for Jackman in his film projects to come.

Wolverine should be recast

Hugh Jackman has stated that he will not be returning to the big screen as character Logan.

The star said that he understands fans wanting Wolverine to return the X-Men franchise. However, he let it be known that his time as Wolverine has come to an end. Jackman last took on the role in the latest X-Men movie titled "Logan" which saw the demise of the beloved character Wolverine.

Jackman compared his role that the roles of Batman and James Bond. He stated that it would quickly be filled but by a new actor. Fans were devastated to hear this news, but for Jackman, the role has taken up nearly a decade of his life. He is excited to explore new roles such as his role as P.T Barnum in the upcoming movie "The Greatest Showman." While Hugh Jackman will no longer be playing Wolverine fans can look out for him in future movies as the actor expands his role diversity.

Wolverine's daughter

Wolverine's daughter Laura was introduced to fans in the latest X-Men movie. DNA from Wolverine was used to create the new X-Men and while her father is now deceased the legacy of Wolverine can continue with her. Laura was played by actor Dafne Keen. She embodied everything one could hope for the next generation of Wolverine.

Laura is known as "X-23".

She has claws like her father but also has them on her feet as well. This was explained by Professor X as the difference gender has on these mutations. Fans got to see Laura interact with both Professor X and Wolverine before they both met their untimely ends. The connection between the old X-Men franchise and the new was established. Fans can look forward to seeing the legacy continued in the years to come.

While fans will have to accept Jackman's time as Wolverine is over, they can look forward to the story arcs with Laura. Furthermore, the character of Wolverine is not gone forever. As Jackman said, someone else will surely reprise the role in the future.

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