"General Hospital" fans are gearing up for the epic return of Steve Burton to his old stomping grounds. He is coming back, but the mystery of what role he will play is still up in the air right now. Everyone seems to be keeping mum about it. However, Burton has taken to social media to tease his return to "GH." The teaser begs the question on whether he will be coming back as the real Jason Morgan or someone else. What does his Instagram post suggest about his comeback?

Jason or not?

While it is not certain what will be going on when Steve Burton returns to the ABC soap, the photo that he posted sure gives a strong suggestion on his secret identity.

The actor sent out one of his favorite on screen photos of himself as Jason Morgan. It is one of him in his traditional black t-shirt that he is so well known for holding a gun. His role as a hitman for Sonny Corinthos was a central focus on "General Hospital" for many years.

Burton asked his fans, "Will I play this guy again?" This scenario is certainly being played up ever since the huge announcement came that he would be returning to "GH." It looks like viewers will have to wait to see what happens when he shows up once again, but there will be teasers along the way just like this one to keep everyone guessing.

Fans are torn

Social media has gone crazy with comments on whether they want to see Steve return as the real Jason Morgan, or if they want to see him in a completely different role altogether.

Billy Miller took over Burton's role in 2014, two years after he left. It was a little rough for fans to get used to a whole different side of Jason, but Miller had won fans over.

Now with Steve coming back, fans seem to be divided on having another Jason show up in Port Charles. There are rumors of two Jasons, as well as a twin story line with these two guys.

There is also speculation that Burton could turn out to be someone else, not Jason at all, who will be coming in to take over Sonny's territory.

While many viewers are totally in with having 'Stone Cold' Jason back, others are very content with the current Jason. "General Hospital" is playing it up big time to keep the suspense going.

Steve returns soon

Word has it that Burton has started filming his scenes, so that means he will most likely show up in August. This gives plenty of time for more speculations to develop. You can be sure that "General Hospital" and the actor will continue with the teasers until then.

How do you feel about Steve Burton returning to "GH?" Should he return to his iconic role as the real Jason Morgan? Stay tuned to see if there will be a showdown between two Jasons and how this will affect Sam Morgan's relationship with her current husband.