Sam Morgan seems to have it all on ABC's "General Hospital," but she hasn't had a grip on reality for weeks now. She hovers between knowing what is real and what isn't. Unfortunately, her actions may just mess up her seemingly perfect life with Jason and her two kids.

Of course, there is never such a thing as no drama on a soap, and Jason and Sam have had enough of it along the way. Now Sam is out to take Sonny Corinthos down. Will she be stopped before it's too late?

Does Sam take out Sonny?

"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Sonny will be shot.

He is expected to survive, but he will be in bad shape for a bit. Is this because Sam Morgan tries to eliminate him from her and Jason's life? Sonny also has an enemy who is after him as well. Garvey tried to kill him once and is trying to finish the job once again. Sonny is trying to get out of the mob business, but it seems that circumstances keep pulling him back in.

According to a "General Hospital" clip that was posted last week, Sam will have Sonny cornered with a gun pointed at him. It is likely that she pulls the trigger, or at least she is expected to. However, there is always the possibility that she may change her mind, or someone else does the job before she has a chance to do it herself.

However it all plays out, someone does shoot the mobster.

Scout becomes sick

Sam's baby girl, Scout, is expected to be so sick that she has to go to the hospital for medical care. According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Alexis will be frantic about her granddaughter. It has been rumored that the Morgan baby will have meningitis, which could be the same thing that Sam has.

However, that has not been confirmed yet. Her diagnosis is coming soon, but Scout may just have something completely different.

Sam may be hard to find when her second born gets sick. While Alexis is concerned for Scout, her mother is out holding a gun on Sonny. Will she be contacted about her baby before she tries to kill Sonny?

Will Scout and Sonny both survive their crisis?

Sonny Corinthos is expected to be fine, but he will be in bad shape after he supposedly gets shot by Sam. It is highly likely that Scout will be okay as well. At least that is what JaSam fans are hoping for. They would be quite angry if something should happen to Sam and Jason's baby girl.

Sound off your thoughts on whether you think Sam will be the one who shoots Sonny. Will Scout Morgan suffer the same thing as her mother? Be sure to watch "General Hospital" in the next few days to see how this all plays out.