Vengeance is coming on ABC's "General Hospital," but it may not be as sweet as one might think. A few Port Charles residents are forming a plan to get revenge against the people who they feel have wronged them. Sam Morgan, Carly Corinthos, Liesl Obrect, and even Spencer Cassadine are all set on destroying someone. It could become quite dangerous.

Dr. O is hopping mad

According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Dr. O will be seeking revenge on Hamilton Finn, and that means going after what is most important to him. He is expecting a baby with Hayden and the villainous doctor is forming a plan to destroy their future together.

Unfortunately, Hayden will not be on the air much longer with the firing of actress Rebecca Budig, so the results from Liesl's plan of revenge against Finn could end very badly.

Safety is Sam's number one priority

Sam Morgan is certainly not having sugar plums dancing in her head right now. Instead, she is entertaining thoughts of doing away with Sonny Corinthos. While the mobster is trying to let go of his violent business, Sam is doing her best to keep Jason safe, and that means away from his former boss. Something is horribly wrong with her, but no one sees just how bad it really is.

Sam even met with her father, Julian Jerome, to ask for his help in dealing with Sonny. She didn't like what he had to say, so she is taking matters into her own hands.

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that she will try to kill Sonny as her act of keeping her husband safe. Will Sam Morgan get her sweet revenge on the man whom she fears will take Jason away from her for good?

Sweet revenge for Carly?

Carly Corinthos has no idea that her husband might be in danger from her best friend's wife.

Her mindset is the fact that her eldest son is now dating her worst enemy. Nelle Hayes once had revenge on her mind when she first came to Port Charles, but now the tables have turned. Carly wants Nelle gone and out of Michael's life.

Fortunately for Carly, her mother is already on it. On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" Bobbie called Felicia to get some more dirt on Nelle.

Will she find enough to bring her down?

Spencer vs. Valentin

Then there is Spencer Cassadine who may just be a young boy, but he has a lot of his father's spunk in him. When pushed into a corner, he fights back, and he has his sights on getting his birthright back from Valentin Cassadine.

The family ring that Valentin tried to give Spencer on Wednesday just gave the little guy more reason to fight back. He is fired up. Spencer told him, "Valentin, you can keep the ring. I make my own luck. We'll see if it still works when I bury you with it." Now that definitely sounds like a threat. Valentin found it a little amusing, but this is serious stuff for Spencer. He already had asked his uncle Sonny to eliminate him. What will the boy do next?

Who will get the vengeance they seek on "General Hospital?" Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

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