The first trailer for the latest adaptation of "Stephen King’s IT" generated 25 million views so far. An indication of the writer’s massive following worldwide. The trailer was chilling and haunting all at the same time. It illustrates the masterful skill of the writer in creating graphically stunning thriller in the minds of his reader when it conveyed in a motion picture.

For those who have read the book, they know Pennywise and most are terrified of him. But for fans who are not acquainted with the book, aside from the clown, there is another set of antagonist that gave the Loser’s Club as much trouble.

This is another group who was recently introduced on Instagram.

Bowers gang

Recently, Logan Thompson released the official photo of the three members of the antagonist group on Instagram. The actor portrays the role of Victor Criss, one of the gang members, which includes Henry Bowers, and Belch Huggins. The picture showed the trio enjoying popsicles while standing on the hood of a blue sports car. In the book, these characters have ages ranging between 12 and 13 years old, and it is not yet stated if they will also be portrayed as such in the movie.

The picture showed Huggins on a baseball cap, Criss with a colored blond hair and Criss on a full mullet. The other member of the gang was not seen, he is known to be Patrick Hocksetter.

In the trailer, a missing person poster with his face on it was seen being distributed and posted on various locations.

In the book

The group of Bowers as described in the book is the reason for several dreadful acts. In fact, they were responsible for poisoning and apparently killing Mike Hanlon’s beloved dog. The leader of the gang also carved letters on Hascomb’s chest and even broke Kaspbrak’s arm.

On their adult years, Bowers sent Mike to the hospital and even tried killing Eddie. The other members are non-participative aside from cheering on their leader’s acts, they, however, suffered awful deaths as children.

"Stephen King’s IT" is not particularly aimed at the children as its audience. It was rated R by the movie review board.

Fans can expect that most likely the graphic details of the gang’s actions will be shown. When the first casting was announced, it was the Bowers' gang who were first confirmed. The team played an important participation in marketing materials. It is most likely that the group’s influence in the story will be a part of the movie.