There is something about "Counting On" star Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo. He has the guts to defy the established Duggar Family rules on dressing. Right after their wedding, fans of the reality show were surprised to see Jinger wearing pants. Her photo was shared on the social media account of the family.

The couple that settled in Texas has embraced new things like Jinger wearing pants. In fact, it was Jeremy who bought his wife a pair of Levis pants. The third Duggar daughter to tie the knot was more than willing to alter the way she dresses as imposed by her parents.

Jinger Duggar wears pants despite her parents

The fans were stunned when they saw the 23-year-old reality star going out with her sisters wearing a pair of comfortable shorts, reports The Hollywood Gossip. Jinger seems to enjoy her new outfit but her sisters reacted.

While Jill and Jessa Duggar’s husbands follow the family tradition imposed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jeremy defies it. This makes him different from the husbands of the elder Duggar daughters. Jinger not only wears pants, but she is now donning sleeveless blouses and high heels which her other sisters are not allowed to wear. Jinger is not ashamed to do so and even posts photos on social media wearing leg-clinging pants.

Ben Seewald and Derick Dillard did not change the way their wives wear their clothes.

Still no shorts, pants, or sleeveless outfits for Jill and Jessa. Only Jeremy got the courage to choose something new that his wife could wear.

Duggar family has rules that all their kids have to follow

The Duggar family has many rules in the family as enumerated by In Touch. During courtship and engagement, they are only allowed side hugs.

They must wear clothes that are modest and conservative. They must submit to their husbands even in the sexual aspect of their lives as married couples. The Duggar children are not allowed to use social media until engagement. That is why only married siblings have social media accounts. They are not allowed to wear bikinis while swimming and are not allowed to watch TV or read tabloids.

The Duggars date with chaperones who are either their parents or siblings.

The Duggar children remain obedient to the rules until they get married and become submissive to their husbands as is the case of Jinger Duggar. Nothing was reported that a Duggar kid rebels against the house rules of the family. They remain obedient, respectful, and loving towards their parents. They all look happy and content being in a family with strict rules.