Just steps away from the convention center hosting Comic-Con, the Hilton Bayfront starbucks has turned into a magical location, as it transforms itself with a “Harry Potter” theme, offering some additional Potter-related drink offerings.

Welcome to the Hogwarts Express

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, what makes the “Harry PotterStarbucks even more magical is that it is connected to the convention center with a cloth painted as a brick wall, very similar to the entryway to Platform 9 ¾ which takes Potter and friends to the Hogwarts Express.

Comic-Con magic at Starbucks

Bustle reports there’s nothing quite like having a great coffee after experiencing all the wonders of Comic-Con, visiting Netflix’s “Stranger Things” exhibit, complete with scary moving walls and a shrine to Barb, or heading to the “Game of Thrones” stand, where you can fight the White Walkers, and even sit on the Iron Throne.

You might really need a caffeine infusion after seeing the “Westworld” exhibit, with its cocktails and personality tests.

Easter eggs and signs at the 'Harry Potter' Starbucks

On entering the “Harry Potter”-themed Starbucks, variously related décor can be seen, along with plenty of Easter eggs for those diehard fans. You could find some gillywater at the pickup counter, or even a warning of a boggart hiding away in a cupboard, along with the many wanted posters for our magical hero, who is “Undesirable No. 1” with 10,000 gallons on his head, along with other wizards.

However, there is also a warning for Muggleborns posted inside the Starbucks that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and saying that any enemies of the heir should beware.

There’s another sign posted outside the Starbucks telling customers to use the other entrance, “order of the Ministry of Magic.” To add to the authenticity and detail, posters have been placed on the walls inside giving magical proclamations. For example, one tells the reader that broomsticks may be flown on school grounds, except during an authorized Quidditch practice.

Bustle does warn that the queues are long, but reportedly the “Harry Potter” movies are playing on a permanent loop on the flat screen television to keep fans amused while they wait for their caffeine injection.

Besides the great decoration, the Starbucks also has several “Harry Potter” drinks on offer, including Amortentia (a passion tea with apple juice, The Polyjuice Potion (made from Matcha powder with lemonade) and Butterbeer, a magical caramel and toffee-nut frappucino. Fans will probably be forgiven for wishing the décor changes would be made permanent, but there’s hope something similar might happen at Comic-Con 2018.