The Galaxy of 'Star Wars' Fans' dreams is becoming a reality. This, after the 2017 D23 Expo held in California this past weekend revealed some exciting news for fans of the Galaxy. During the Expo, it was announced that not one but two new 'Star Wars' Lands are part of the future of Walt Disneyland and the disneyland Resorts. The parks' official name? 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge.

These two parks are already under construction and are said to be opening their gates to 'Star Wars' fans from all over the world, sometime in 2019. The D23 Expo showcased a 50 foot three-dimensional model of Disney's plans for the new parks.

Harrison Ford presented Disney's ideas for the parks to the public at the 2017 D23 Expo himself, and from the excitement that is evident in Ford himself, I wouldn't be surprised to spot him in the parks too!

Inside Galaxy's Edge

The entire park, Galaxy's Edge is a recreation of a remote trading port on an unseen planet in the Galaxy. This trading port is said to be one of the last stops an adventurer could make before entering the so-called Wild Space. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore 14 acres of lightsabers, space creatures, and intergalactic experiences, at each of the parks.

The parks are filled to the brim with dwellings, vehicles and the forests and rocky areas that the Galaxy is best known for.

It is exactly what every fan has ever wanted, a ticket to the Galaxy. In fact, Doug Chiang, one of the main designers of the parks has been quoted saying, "I’m beyond excited. I mean, I’ve dreamt of visiting Star Wars in person. And I think this is the perfect opportunity for everybody to now experience that."

Two of the new rides revealed

The parks each have two signature attractions, namely, the Millennium Falcon and the 'Star Wars' Adventure.

The Millennium Falcon, as you may guess, allows visitors the opportunity to pilot the renowned Millennium Falcon as they take off on a covert, personalized mission. The Adventure, on the other hand, is an experience that drops you right in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

These are the only two attractions that have been described to the public thus far, but if these attractions are any indication of the parks, then they are most certainly looking to be most wonderful places.

The only force visitors will be needing will be the willpower to leave the parks, after embarking on such incredible escapades.