You haven't had a "Rough Night" if you haven't experienced a bachelorette party that turns into covering up a murder. That's the premise behind the latest comedy blockbuster. The Movie brings some of the freshest female faces in Hollywood - along with Scarlett Johansson - together for a rowdy party. It may be a cast of misfits, but in a film that takes too many cues from other similar films.

About the movie

"Rough Night" is a black comedy film distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Lucia Aniello of "Broad City" fame, the movie was released on June 16, 2017.

Alice and her friends decide to throw a bachelorette party for their best friend in college, Jess. There is clearly a strain on the group of college friends, though, especially when Jess' Australian friend from studying abroad shows up. Things truly go awry when Alice accidentally kills the stripper they hired. All in all, it becomes a pretty "rough night," where friendships are tested and battle lines are drawn in the name of avoiding jail.

'Rough Night' extends to audience

On the whole, "Rough Night" is a hilarious movie. The humor can be a bit lowbrow - a lot of crude comedy. There's nothing wrong with that, though; there's no such thing as cheap laughs these days. The inversion of the "typical" male and female roles in this movie (with some men enjoying a sophisticated wine tasting) is laugh-out-loud material.

One area it lacks in, however, is creativity. The reason movies like "The Hangover" and "Bridesmaids" worked - beyond their sheer lunacy - is that they felt original for the time. This feels more like a retread to those movies: serious hijinks ruin pre-wedding plans. It's a road we've been down too often recently.

The casting for "Rough Night" also seems a little odd.

Johansson's comedy game seems a little lackluster (and her obvious star power in conjunction with most of the other actors is disillusioning.) Jillian Bell was tough to watch as Alice, a one-tone character with little natural development. Zoe Kravitz's character was dense but unsatisfying. It really felt as if Ilana Glazer ("Broad City") and Kate McKinnon ("Saturday Night Live") were pulling everyone else along.

However, the gags in the movie were funny. Anything with drug use or food worked in this film. There were plenty of sex jokes - penis jokes, specifically - to go around. Watching Ty Burrell ("Modern Family") play a horny and creepy neighbor was certainly different. It's hard to say if any of the jokes were truly memorable, however, as the plot circled around the same "male barges into house, females attack" story over and over again.

Final thoughts

"Rough Night" is by no means reinventing the comedy wheel. Perhaps nobody is making the claim that it is trying to do so. It's just a funny movie that doesn't stand out in any meaningful way. A good way to spend an ordinary day, but a rough film to plan a night around. Grade: B-