On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Hillary ran footage of Nick Newman and his dad fighting. Victor himself gave the go ahead to air his family's dirty laundry. Spoiler alerts say Nicholas will be so angry that he will threaten to shut down "G.C.Buzz."

Hillary and Howard had a dilemma

For once, Hillary Curtis was not trying to sabotage anyone. Her assistant Howard Green just happened to be in the parking lot, when Victor and Nick got into a heated conversation. Howard and Hillary were hiding behind a vehicle but they caught every nasty word between father and son, as well as the fight.

Nicholas was overheard admitting that he tried to sabotage his mother's concert by pouring a drink on the sound board.

Back at the "G.C. Buzz" office Howard and Hillary found themselves in a dilemma. Mr. Green was excited to have the footage of the Newmans and wanted to run with it. Hillary, however, was being cautious and was not sure what to do.

On Thursday, however, Victor Newman called the talk show host and told her to air as much of the video as she desired. It was not made clear if Hilary had first called Victor for permission, or if Newman knew he was being filmed all along.

The footage airs and the fallout begins

The footage of the Newman dirty laundry aired on Friday, and now the fallout begins.

Spoilers indicate that when Nick threatens to shut down "G.C. Buzz" Hillary will give him shocking news. She will tell Nicholas that his father gave the approval for her to run with the story.

This will no doubt cause Nick to become more enraged. He is a ticking time bomb, and Victor continues to push his buttons. You would think by now that Nick would realize that he cannot out maneuver his old man.

All over Genoa City, there will be people watching Hillary's show. Howard already told her they hit the mother load and it will be true. Nick Newman's fury will be a small price to pay, as Ms. Curtis and Mr. Green have the most powerful man in town on their side.

This one segment of the show will indeed have people buzzing for quite a while.

Hilary has been looking for an exclusive that will boost her ratings, and now she has it.

Will Hillary, in the long run, be able to deal with the wrath of Nicholas and the other Newmans? She does not realize it but she is being used by Victor to get even with his son. More importantly, has Hillary considered how her decision to run the story will affect her new relationship with Devon? They started to get along again and this might cause him turn away from his ex-wife once more.

Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to see how this all works itself out.