Pop music sensation, Justin Bieber, 23, has had his fair share of negative headlines, detailing his run-ins with the law and overall bad behavior. Though he has attempted to steer clear of negative press recently, the Chinese Government has banned the young singer from performing in China.

What China has said on the matter

A fan contacted the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture wondering why Bieber hadn't scheduled any concerts in China for quite some time. She received a response arguing that his behavior threatens the purity of the nation and despite the fact that he has a good voice, his actions don't align with what the Chinese government wants for its entertainment sector.

The explanation was posted on their website on Friday morning, officially announcing that the pop star would no longer be allowed to perform on Chinese stages. Though they didn't provide information regarding what instance led to the ban, Bieber's track record for getting intro trouble is rather well known.

How the ban came to be

In the US alone, Bieber has been arrested for drunk driving, after he was caught drag racing in Miami, and for urinating in a janitor's bucket at a New York City restaurant, where he then proceeded to shout profanities at a painting of former President Bill Clinton. However, his stunt in China resulted in social media outrage as pictures showing Bieber being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards resulted in mockery across the world.

A video of Bieber skateboarding through a Beijing mall, with his fanbase following close behind him, also spread rampantly across the Internet. Additionally, the singer posted a photo of him bowing down to a shrine of members of the Japanese military, who were later executed for crimes they committed during World War II, angering Chinese officials even further.

Some of his other controversial actions include visiting a Brazilian brothel and abandoning his pet monkey in Germany.

Worldwide tour excludes China

Bieber's Purpose World Tour will make several stops in Asia later this year, including Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, but China is not on the list. Several Chinese fans are very upset about being unable to see their idol live in concert, but Bieber isn't the only high profile celebrity forbidden from performing in China.

Bjork, Maroon 5, Oasis, Lady Gaga, and Bob Dylan have all been banned from scheduling tour dates in the country for what the Chinese government has referred to as their inappropriate behavior and controversial actions that corrupt the Chinese public. Despite the government's distaste for Bieber's bad boy antics, however, they have said that they will offer him a place back in China's performance venues when he matures and grows up a little bit.