John Heard was a very popular actor and was well known throughout the film industry. The actor was found recently in a California hotel dead. The cause of his death is being investigated but as of yet, there has been no official report released. Officials have stated that there is no evidence of foul play in his passing. Heard had been in Palo Alto recovering from a minor back surgery at the time of his death. This is a very difficult time for his friends and family and they have asked for some privacy while they mourn the loss of John Heard.

The stars death was confirmed

According to Variety, the body of 71-year-old John Heard was found in Palo Alto. He was staying in a hotel while he recovered from recent surgery to his back. The surgery was only minor and as of yet, it has not been connected to his cause of death. The Santa Clara Medical Examiner's Office has also confirmed the death of the star. They have stated that they are still investigating the cause of his death and that they cannot comment any further as the investigation is ongoing.

According to THR, there has been no evidence of foul play in the stars passing. Heard was married to actress Margot Kidder and is survived by his wife and his son and daughter from a previous marriage.

One of Heard's sons tragically passed away last year in 2016. Tributes have been pouring in online for the family of John Heard. The Medical Examiners Office have also extended their condolences to the family at this difficult time in their lives.

John Heard had a great career

Many of Heard's fans will know him for the role of the father in "Home Alone." Heard reprised the famous role in the sequel movie "Home Alone 2".

There is no doubt that John Heard had a very lucrative career. He began his career by taking to the stage in the 1970's. From there he made into the film industry in a movie titled "Cutter's Way" in which he co-starred with Jeff Bridges.

Among Heard's other acting credits are roles on hit TV series such as "Modern Family" and "Miami Vice." In 1988 he starred in the film "Big" and later he starred with Bette Midler in "Beaches".

Heard was very dedicated to his craft and he had many opportunities throughout his lifetime. Recently he had just finished roles in such TV series as "NCIS: Los Angeles" and "MacGuyver".

Fans of Heard are utterly heartbroken at the news. Tributes have been pouring in online through various social media outlets. Many of his fans have reacted in disbelief that the actor has passed. They shared their kind words online stating that he was a wonderful person and actor. Other members of the film industry have also left comments online for all to see including their immense regret that they did not get the chance to work with Heard before he died.

The investigation into John Heard's death has not yet come to a close. The coroner's office will be making a statement as soon as they have identified the root cause of the actor's death.