Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Wednesday, July 26th will be a day of surprises in genoa city, The town is just not big enough to keep people from running into each other, and Charlie Ashby is going to come Face To Face with Juliet.

Charlie's point of view

Charlie Ashby seems like he is going to be a problem child, and if he did not have a good reason before, he certainly does now. Cane and Lily's son is at odds with Victoria's son Reed -- who is dating his sister Mattie. Reed was angry after seeing Charlie kiss Zoe, the girl he thought would be his one and only, The two young men have had words, and Charlie definitely does not want his sister going out with a guy he believes is a loser.

It seems that Charlie and Reed keep running into one other all over Genoa City, and now Juliet is in the picture.

Charlie and his sister Mattie were devastated to hear that their father got drunk, had sex with Juliet, and impregnated her. He feels his father has a double standard because Cane preached safe sex and responsible drinking to his teenagers and now he is in a mess. Charlie blames Reed's mother Victoria for firing his dad and disrupting his family, adding to his dislike of his sister's new friend. Juliet had been just a name and Charlie did not have to deal with her, until now.

With all his pent up teenage angst, along with his feelings about Reed and his father's indiscretion, Charlie is ready to blow.

Now he will come face to face with the woman who manipulated his father and caused him to lose his job. Charlie will have to look at the woman who deceived his mother, and is now carrying his new baby brother or sister. Seeing Juliet in the flesh may be more than the teen can deal with.

Juliet sees things differently

Juliet has a view of the situation that is clearly her own.

She confided in Hillary that she would like to co-parent with Cane. Ms. Helton believes that somehow she and Cane's family can come together for the sake of the baby. Charlie and Mattie, however, are not all warm and fuzzy about having a new sibling. They are troubled because their family dynamic has been disrupted.

Charlie will probably be as indifferent with Juliet as he has been with Reed.

He is not ready for all these changes, and will probably tell Ms, Helton just how he feels. Genoa City is going to be buzzing as Juliet begins to show. She will want a truce with Lily and her children but they may not extend the olive branch. Stay tuned for more on "The Young and the Restless."