Rumors surrounding Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's relationship have been circling since the pair were spotted at a "Kings of Leon" concert in 2016. Turner has recently confirmed that the pair is, in fact, seeing one another. Fans are celebrating the news as Turner opened up about how she deals with having a relationship in the eyes of the media. Like many celebrity couples, the media can have a huge impact on the relationship, however, Turner and Jonas appear to be navigating these obstacles brilliantly.

A relationship in the spotlight

According to The Christian Post, Sophie Turner has recently revealed what is it like dealing with having a relationship in the eyes of the media.

The "Game of Thrones" star confirmed her relationship with Joe Jonas at the shows seventh season premiere. Turner has revealed that she finds it difficult having so many eyes on her dating life. She has equated it to being a fish in a fishbowl and being unable to escape from it.

The actress appears quite happy in her new relationship with Joe Jonas. She stated that despite the fact that they are celebrities, the romance is the same as anyone else. The need to love and be loved is there, she told Entertainment Weekly. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are not the first celebrity couple to deal with the media and fans watching their relationship. For many celebrities, the fear of being too public with their relationship is very real and unfortunately, often leads to the couples end.

Joe Jonas supports his girlfriend at premiere

Joe Jonas was spotted at the "Game of Thrones" premiere. He was in attendance with his brother Nick Jonas, who is currently starring in the series "Kingdom". The brothers were seen sitting together while Turner sat with her fellow co-stars. This public display of support was a field day for the press, especially as Sophie took the opportunity to confirm that the pair were in a relationship.

The couple has reportedly already met each other's families and attended a wedding together. Joe Jonas, who was previously playing the field and dating many different women, appears ready to settle down with Turner. According to PEOPLE, he thinks very highly of Sophie and over the months has fallen for her. PEOPLE have also stated that Sophie had a crush on Joe before they started dating.

The couple appears very happy together and were recently spotted together at a hotel. Turner has stated that Joe has helped her to become isolated. Fans could not be happier for the couple.