Camilla Luddington teases a reunion is likely to happen between Jo and Alex in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14.

Jo and Alex to reunite soon?

We won't be seeing "Grey's Anatomy" anytime soon but a cast member shared a clue on a possible romance in the longtime ABC medical drama series. Read on for more details.

According to Movie Pilot, Luddington might know a thing or two about "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14.

She hinted on what might happen to her character's complicated love-life after posting a GIF of Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) having an intimate time together.

This was different from the current status of the couple since Jo refused his marriage proposal. Alex then learned about her secret as a formerly abused wife. It was also the reason why she took a fake name, ran away and seek refuge in Seattle.

In the last season, he also took the matter on his own and find Paul (Matthew Morrison) at a medical conference. Alex did not confront him immediately so there is still an unfinished business between the three characters.

More unscripted scenes coming our way

Brace yourselves, "Grey's Anatomy" fans!

Luddington dropped the bomb that "JoLex" and their "almost kiss" is actually not part of the script.

Luddington shared that it is just one of the unscripted scenes in the new season. There will be a whole lot more because they have been having fun doing them. Why? She said that "improvising makes for fun moments."

This hints at a possibility that the two will finally address their relationship for good.

Will Jo ever divorce her abusive husband? How will Alex deal with their next meeting? What's in store for Jo and Alex?

Season 14 filming and release date

Aside from teasing their reunion, the 33-year-old actress vaguely confirmed that people will see Jo and Alex really soon. She added that the show will start the production of their most-awaited return on the small screen.

It is really obvious that Camilla Luddington is really excited to have more screen time because she was pregnant during the last season. Fortunately for the fans, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Hayden in April. She is the first child for Luddington and boyfriend Matt Alan.

There are still no updates on the exact date for the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." However, it is likely that they follow a September release date just like what they did in the last 11 seasons.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 will air on ABC soon.