Selena Gomez just got a new single entitled, "Fetish." Just recently, the singer teased on the social media that her new track will be a little bit sexy and seductive. The 24-year old singer took to Instagram and shared a video clip of the music video of her upcoming track.

Apparently, the "Bad Liar" singer has been mum about the details of her second single. Hence, a lot has been surprised when she opted to share the seductive audio of her new single on the social media. A report from Entertainment Tonight has also confirmed that the official music video seemed to arrive by Thursday.

As she shared the clip on Instagram, Gomez left the caption that says, "Fetish."

Sexy new song

Apart from the video clip which Gomez has shared online, she also posted some of her photos which were taken from the official music video. One of the pictures featured her wearing a yellow dress as she sat down on the floor. It also looked like she spilled off her drink on the kitchen floor.

Another part of the photo has featured her on the same dress with a broken glass of wine next to her. Another photo also showed the brunette singer on her white stockings while she sat down along the hallway. Without a doubt, her upcoming single "Fetish" will showcase the sexier side of her.

Sensual clip

As Gomez shared her seductive clip on social media, a lot has noticed that the singer wore a glossy lipstick on the music video.

She greatly flaunted her sexy lips on the clip as she lip-synced the lines, "Take it or leave it. Baby take it or leave it. But I know you won't leave it."

Perhaps, most of her fans are now dying to hear her upcoming track. To recall, the "Bad Liar" singer also released her album "Revival" back in 2015. Back then, she also got huge sales from it as she also shared a video clip of her album on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

To recall, Gomez has first shared her video clip on July 6 through her Instagram account. Since then, the singer-actress already gained lots of feed backs from her followers. She also added more of her photos on her Instagram stories which left everyone even more excited for the new album.

Apart from the sensual clip, Gomez also shared the official poster of her new single on her Instagram page.The poster featured her in a yellow dress as she carried something on her left hand. In one of her previous interviews, the singer already hinted that her upcoming release of music will be a little different from what she usually did.