Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are said to be the newest Hollywood romance in town. Having both starred in the popular series, "Grey's Anatomy," it has been believed that these actors have been dating secretly. A source has told E! News that both have cared for each other a lot.

In fact, Kelly has been with Williams in all sorts of times not just a partner but as well as a friend. Amid the news, the rumored couple is yet to give comments about it. Both were still mum on the details of their private romance.

Private relationship

As the news broke about their private romance, it has been believed that Williams was known for keeping all things about him in private.

However, despite being mum about their rumored relationship, their actions speak more than what words can express.

It was believed that Williams has opened up his life to Kelly for a lot of times. On the other hand, she has also been very supportive to the actor. To recall, their romance speculations started to rage online when Kelly posted a photo of her with Williams while they were in Paris. Since then, rumors swirled that both might have a not-so-ordinary relationship towards each other.

However, the rumored couple was not romantically involved with each other back then. It was only believed that they were both in Paris for a certain project that they had been working on together. Meanwhile, the news continued to rage online when both were spotted again watching a movie in the West Hollywood.

Comfortable in public

When both were spotted stepping out in public recently, it was believed that Williams and Kelly are now ready to take on their relationship in public. Further, another source has told E! News that both have been very comfortable with each other lately. It seemed that their kind of relationship has already grown deeper.

To recall, Williams has been married for five years to his then-partner, Aryn Drake-Lee. After their split, both decided to file for a divorce and are still in their recent court battle which includes the custody of their children.

For the meantime, Williams wanted to keep his new relationship in private just as how private he has kept his split from Drake-Lee.

In one of the news, it was also believed that the actor already addressed her former relationship with Drake-Lee through Jay-Z's new single, "4:44." Despite their split, fans are still happy after learning that Williams has finally found someone who will make him happy. This news came after he broke up with then-husband just three months ago.