Kate Hudson was reportedly reunited with her former partner, Matt Bellamy, as they celebrated the birthday of their son, Bing. On Monday, the former couple was seen together during Bing's sixth birthday celebration. Hudson has shared a photo of her son on her Instagram account and she simply couldn't believe how fast his son grew up.

She also shared a photo of Bing together with her 13-year old son, Ryder Robinson, and posted it on her social media account. On the other hand, Bellamy, Bing's father, also took to Instagram and shared a sweet shot of his sons.

Bellamy wrote a caption that says, "A push from big brother. Bing turned 6 yesterday. #timeflies."

Friendly relationship

Despite their split back in 2014, it is very evident that both Hudson and Bellamy have kept a friendly relationship towards each other. Both have focused on co-parenting their sons, Bing Bong and Ryder Robinson. A report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that most of the time, the former couple spent time together whenever they celebrated birthdays and special holidays with their children.

In one of her interviews, Hudson has shared that forgiveness has been the key for them to move forward from their past relationship. Further, she also wanted to take on a nice relationship to Bellamy instead of pointing fingers with each other's faults.

She also added that she has taken the responsibility for being involved with their ill-fated relationship, and hence, it would feel best if both of them will share a friendly relationship instead of hate.

Home movies

Hudson's split from Bellamy has been a rough situation for her. However, the actress has made it a point that she can still make the situation easy for their children.

In one of her interviews, the sexy actress has revealed that she oftentimes shared home movies with her sons.

She believed that it could be one of the best ways where they can spend lots of time together.

Despite the split, it is safe to say that Hudson felt complete having her kids around her. Hence, as Bing celebrated his sixth birthday, Hudson has made it sure that Bellamy will be able to attend the celebration for the sake of her kid.

She further shared that moving on from the pain of her past relationship was also another means of growing up and becoming more mature over the situation. Despite the fact that some people didn't want to grow up, she still looks at it as the best way of moving forward from her past relationship with Bellamy.