Selena Gomez has been the talk of the summer. The singer has been releasing new music, and among those tracks released is one called "Fetish." The track was first teased when her song "Bad Liar" was released. The music video for the star's song "Fetish" was released recently and some fans are confused by the content of the video. According to Elite Daily, the video is based on horror movies. However, it appears that this did not translate well. Many have called the video disgusting. This has prompted Selena to sit down and talk about the meaning behind the video and song.

The star talks about the kitchen scene

The video for Selena Gomez's new song titled "Fetish" was released recently and fans have been left confused by the content. According to the Daily Mail, the song was inspiring by horror movies and showed singer Selena Gomez doing stranger things including eating soap and grass and writhing around on a kitchen floor. The singer has opened up about the strange kitchen scene which many of the public have dubbed as disgusting. Gomez stated that she does weird things all the time in her real life but has never had the confidence to bring this to the screen.

She explained that this had something to do with the way she grew up. The artist stated that she always felt like there was this side to her that she had never gotten to explore.

She explained that she was able to finally access that side with the bizarre music video. The star revealed that she held herself back for so long and the video for "Fetish" has marked her overcoming some of her greatest insecurities.

The song finally allowed the artist to let go

According to Buzzfeed, the singer decided on this crazy music video as an expression of finally being able to let herself go.

Gomez stated that especially in the kitchen scene she was just able to let herself go to the most extreme degree. She stated that she is the type of person who is extremely sensitive and because of this, she feels everything so intensely. This, she claimed was the inspiration behind the music video.

Selena found visual artist Petra on Instagram and had in fact been following Petra's account for quite some time.

Gomez knew instantly that Petra was going to be the perfect team mate to make her vision for the music video to come true. Despite the criticism, Gomez has received from the public for the music video she is very proud of the work. This marks a new direction for the artist.