The feud between "Fifth Harmony" and their former member Camila Cabello has been ongoing ever since Cabello decided to leave the band. The remaining members of "Fifth Harmony" celebrated Camila's decision to leave. They have since come forward with claims that Camila was always causing drama between the girl group. The girls were left deeply wounded by the way in which Camila left the girl band and have had to attend therapy for some of the issues raised. When Camila split from the band the Fans of the girls also split and have been engaging in online feuds on behalf of their favorite members.

Camila has unfollowed the girls on social media

According to Cosmopolitan, Camila Cabello is trying to fuel the feud between herself and her former girl group "Fifth Harmony". Camila has recently unfollowed her former girl band on Instagram in an act of defiance against her former friends. The remaining members of the band appeared on the radio show titled "Monday Mashup" where they were asked about their former band member. The radio host asked them what they thought of Camila's song "Crying in the Club" and also enquired about how the girls felt about Camila unfollowing "Fifth Harmony" on Instagram.

The girls responded politely to the slightly awkward questions. They appear not to care about Camila's recent unfollowing of the group and it is uncertain as to whether they were even aware of their former band members actions.

"Fifth Harmony" have simply agreed that it is a clearing of the air between themselves and Camila. They swiftly moved on from the conversation stating that they're extremely happy with the way things are right now. They then turned the conversation towards their recent successes in their music careers.

Billboard has launched their fan army face off

Billboard has released an annual online poll in which they ask fans to pick their favorite of two artists. This year's poll is highly controversial as they added the artists Camila Cabello and "Fifth Harmony". Fans of the former "Fifth Harmony" member and those who are loyal to the band have been known to get into some altercations online.

It appears that Billboard is fueling the fire.

The voting polls as of now stand with the girls both standing at the exact same number votes. According to Billboard, "Fifth Harmony" recently stated that their fifth band member is their fans which cause their votes to swell. While neither Camila or "Fifth Harmony" have made a statement about the votes it is clear that they are competing for the number one spot.