Just a couple of days after her birthday, Selena Gomez, the 25-year old pop superstar, has finally dropped the newest music video for her single, "Fetish." Most of her followers were left in surprise when she featured a sexier version of herself in the video clip.

Further, E! News has confirmed that "Fetish" music video has recently featured Gucci Mane. The video was directed by Petra Collins and it has been reported that the video already got thousands of views from her loyal followers online.

As of now, thousands of her fans are waiting for the final release date of her album.

It was further revealed that "Fetish" is Gomez' second newest single from her latest album entitled "SG2."

Topping the charts

While waiting for its release, it has already been foreseen that "Fetish" is slated to top the charts again just like how "Bad Liar" and "It Ain't Me" did last summer. Further, everyone was left in awe as the video featured Gomez belting into the chorus while singing, "Don't see a point in blaming you. If I were you, I'd do me too."

To recall, the famous singer already teased about her new single back in June. She admitted that she already had chatted with Carson Daly who was from 97.1 radio and shared about her plans with "Fetish." Since then, thousands of her fans have looked forward of whatever project that she will soon reveal.

Being in the studio for years, Gomez admitted that she has been working on a certain album back then. She also added that she wanted to make her sound a little fresh and that made her a lot excited for its release.

Personal life

As per a report from E! News, the 25-year old singer just celebrated a low-key birthday on her house in Los Angeles.

Hence, it looked as if the young singer continued to enjoy the kind of life she has right now. Further, Gomez also revealed that she continued to be happy in love with the man of her life. In line with her confession, the young singer also revealed that her boyfriend is still the man that she has been with behind the stories of her songs, "Starboy" and "The Hills."

As she celebrated her birthday, Gomez took to Instagram and shared an emotional "thank you" message to everyone who has been with her on her 25th birthday.

The "Bad Liar" singer also added that her friends mean a lot to her and she has been a lot thankful with their presence. Meanwhile, her boyfriend was out from her birthday celebration since he has got to attend his shows somewhere in Paris.