Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the road to divorce? Rumors have been flying that the 36-year-old is not happy with her decline in social media followings and that she's claiming it's all dear old Kanye's fault. The reality TV show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has seen a rapid decline in terms of viewings over the last year which is somewhat surprising considering some of the scandal's that have unfolded involving the Kardashian family, especially in the last few months. One would imagine that Rob and Chyna's current drama along with Kim's horrendous experience in Paris last October and Kanye's meltdown and subsequent stint in the hospital would have boosted the show's rankings, but this definitely doesn't appear to be the case.

Kim and Kanye out and about with sister Khloe

The couple is certainly not trying to avoid each other which may put a damper on the divorce rumors for now. On Monday, Kim and Kanye joined Kardashian sister Khloe and her latest man, Tristan Thompson out and about. Khloe was only too happy to post a couple of images on social media website Snapchat detailing their social outing. Kim and Kanye appear to be quite relaxed and happy as they enjoy some McDonald's whilst standing around near a private jet. The Kardashian sisters were in the limelight again this week as they released a series of rather revealing photographs across social media platforms. It has been speculated that this was done in order to distract from brother Rob's current scandal in which he posted pornographic images of ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, online without her consent.

It's been a tough run for Kimye

The celebrity couple has had quite the year. Last October, Kim was the victim of a robbery in Paris. The crime took place in her hotel room where she was held at gunpoint. At the time, Kanye was performing in New York where he left the concert immediately upon news of Kim's ordeal. Only a month after this, Kanye suffered a mental break and was hospitalized for some time afterward.

The break was partially believed to be brought on by the star's mother's death in 2007 which was reported at the time to have had long-lasting traumatic effects on Kanye. Both of Kim's pregnancies are known to have been difficult and something the reality TV star struggled to deal with. During her first pregnancy, Kim suffered from a medical condition called preeclampsia which can be very dangerous for mother and baby.

This led to high stress and anxiety during her second pregnancy as it was high-risk.

In June 2017, reports revealed that the couple may be adding to their brood which suggestions of a surrogate being hired to carry the pregnancy.